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Matergenics in Hawaii

We are very excited to announce that we have opened a new office in Honolulu, HI. Located at XXXX, we are in the heart of town. We look forward to bringing the islands the same exceptional services we offer our mainland clients while maintaining Hawaii’s core values.

What Makes us Different?

Matergenics is at the forefront of the corrosion industry. We offer a variety of services to fit your industry needs. Many of our employees also call Hawai’i home, so we understand the importance of protecting the community while considering the environmental impacts of our work.

Services we offer


A method that is used to determine the root cause of failure when products, components, assets, or systems fail to meet performance expectations.


Routine corrosion risk assessments identify corrosion risk, and they can also quantify the severity of corrosion and offer remaining life estimates and corrosion mitigation strategies to prolong the life of these structures at much lower cost than total replacement.


This team is ready to be put to use at a moment’s notice for inspection and investigation of:

  • Galvanized and Cor-ten Utility Poles and Transmission Lattice Towers
  • Galvanized and Cor-ten Traffic and High Mast Lighting Poles
  • Aluminium Traffic and Light Pole

Corrosion on transmission-line towers and poles is directly related to the atmospheric and soil conditions present for the unique location of a given pole structure, as well as to the materials of manufacturing and the quality of these materials


Our condition assessment considers:

  • Atmospheric Corrosion
  • Ground Level
  • Shallow Burial
  • Deep Burials due to low pH (not considered by many)
  • Concrete Degradation
  • Coating Degradation
  • Stray Current Corrosion
  • Copper Grounding

Downed Light Poles Due to Corrosion

The islands’ unique geography makes the atmosphere and soil very corrosive for steel structures. That, in combination with Hawaii’s aging infrastructure, exacerbates corrosion, which makes the need to protect these structures even more important. In the past few moths alone several light and utility poles have fallen over. Many of which could have been prevented with corrosion mitigation. The photos below show a downed light pole on Oahu that failed due to corrosion of the anchor bolts.

Protecting your Infrastructure

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