Core asset failure can have far reaching consequences, which impact reputation, scheduling, and the bottom line.Our consulting services will improve your understanding of the causes of asset failure and provide practical cost-effective options for remedial action. Our consultants work with you to prevent future failures.


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We undertake failure analysis with networks of qualified metallurgists, chemical engineers, technologists and scientists who are some of the most experienced in their field.

Using an extensive range of proven techniques and applications, we provide analysis of and insight for solving your asset failures, from pipeline failure assessment to commercial building corrosion risk analysis; evidence analysis to material characterization; and finally forensic engineering and litigation support.

Our approach to failure analysis is three-fold: LEARN, SOLVE, IMPROVE

Through multi-disciplinary, systematic analysis, inspection and testing we attack the failure holistically, examining related systems, material characteristics, individual parts, maintenance, environment, product specs, history, design, existing conditions, or a combination of such factors.

We determines how and why the failure occurred, focusing on the mode and the root cause, whether it be the material itself, e.g., fatigue, embrittlement, or environmental interactions or degradation, e.g., corrosion or contaminants, design deficiencies, improper handling or product selection, e.g., galvanized pipe in contact with soft corrosive water.

We provide solutions that work, delivering clear and specific solutions and improved operations. We seek economical, practical proposals that are compatible with your existing systems and processes and allow you to learn from the past and improve your future.

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