• AMPP 2023 Annual Conference

    AMPP 2023 Annual Conference


    AMPP 2023 Annual Conference

    Matergenics is excited to announce we will be apart of The 2023 AMPP Annual conference. Please come visit us over at Booth #457 ! This event will be filled with industry leaders and exciting new updates of innovations and more. Over at our booth, you will have the opportunity to learn about the newest technologies we are working on as well network with other attendees and collect some goodies we have prepared for you. The conference will be from March 19th – March 23rd at Denver, Colorado at Colorado Convention Center.700 14th Street

    Denver, CO 80202 United States


    We are honored to have our lead professional engineer Anil Chikkam to have a presentation on Water main breaks and Materials.



    In Addition, we are excited to announce a special award the team of Matergenics has earned and will be presented with in this conference.



    Please Let us know if you decide to attend by filling the form out below as we would love to have the opportunity to personally welcome you

  • Technical Presentation in Florida 

    Technical Presentation in Florida 


    Technical Presentation in Florida

    Our Professional engineers and lead , (pictured below, Dr. Zee & Dr. Peyman Taheri) hosted a technical presentation on the subjects of Cathodic Protection, Failure Analysis, Root Cause Determination and much more. These technical presentations not only help the attendees become more informed but also help in creating a stronger bond amongst team members. This is crucial for an informative team and we highly recommend it within Matergenics.

  • Airplane Fuel Filter Analysis

    Airplane Fuel Filter Analysis


    Airplane Fuel Filter analysis

    The engineering team at Matergenics is currently working on a massive project with Fuel Filters of Major Airline companies. Determining the root cause of certain compounds within these fuel filters is a crucial element in the diagnosis of the plane’s running health. Using our state of the art equipment, and fast turnaround time, Matergenics offers accurate and critical information for Airlines to keep their fleet up in the air and reduce Aircraft on Ground occurrence (AOG) time.

  • Paper On WildFires

    Paper On WildFires


    Paper on Wildfires

    Come Check out our recent publication on Wildfires and it’s adverse Effects on Industrial Grade Steel Structures written by Dr. Zee and Matergenics Professional Engineering Team.

    Use Link Below :

    Click to access Paper-On-WildFires.pdf

  • Transmission Line Condition Assessment Northern BC, Canada

    Transmission Line Condition Assessment Northern BC, Canada


    Galvanized Steel Transmission Structures in Northern BC, Canada

    For the last three months, Matergenics has been inspecting galvanized steel transmission structures which transfer power from a generating system an aluminum smelting plant. This critical infrastructure ensures adequate power to the plant which solidifies Canada as a world-wide leader in aluminum production. The line itself includes nearly 315 structures which traverse some of British Columbia’s most rugged terrain, which is home to diverse wildlife and vegetation. Matergenics plays a key role in assessing the current state of the structures. Our assessment procedures include visual inspection of higher elevation components, electro-chemical analysis, soil resistivity testing, galvanized thickness measurements, and hand excavation for below grade visual inspection. Concrete compressive strength tests are also used on structures with encased footings. Soil samples are then collected for in-house lab testing to determine corrosive parameters. After analyzing the documented results, the towers are then categorized and rated based on acceptable corrosion risk. The next course of action is determined, by either establishing a recurring inspection interval, or recommending expedited action by the installation of a cathodic protection system. These critical assessments reveal the health of the infrastructure and determine the remaining life, which ensures British Columbia’s continuation of aluminum smelting operations for generations to come.

  • EnviroZense



    A Simple Sensor Device with Staggering Results in Wildfire Environments

    By December 18, 2020 there were about 57,000 wildfires compared with 50,477 in 2019, according to the National Interagency Fire Center. More than 10.3 million acres were burned in 2020, compared with 4.7 million acres in 2019. Five of the top 20 largest California wildfires fires occurred in 2020. The extreme temperatures of these wildfires can cause a reduction in structural strength and even melt the zinc off galvanized steel. This can lead to accelerated corrosion, or even the collapse of lattice towers.

    EnviroZense is a wireless, heat resistant, temperature and corrosion monitoring sensor that is contained in an electrical enclosure underground at the project site. The patented, EnviroZense unit is simple to install and comprises of corrosion and temperature sensors – one to monitor the wildfire temperatures and the second to monitor the corrosion activity of the bare steel structure below ground. The EnviroZense is configured to collect data routinely, at specific time intervals. The data is wirelessly transmitted by a satellite module for analysis and warns the project owner of abnormal temperature rises before more serious structural problems occur.

    The EnviroZense WebView allows you to monitor the temperature and corrosion potential data from each structure in real time. Critical temperatures and corrosion potentials will be highlighted for quick identification, so you know which structures need attention. The EnviroZense WebView can also graph data for a quick and easy way to analyze how long your structures have been exposed to elevated temperatures or corrosive environments.

    Read the brochure below for full specifications and more information!

    Read the Brochure

  • Zee Probe

    Zee Probe


    Corrosion evaluation of magnetic alloys and live water mains

    We have created the “ZEE Probe”! A fully-functional corrosion detection tool for corrosion evaluation of magnetic alloys and live water mains! Water main failures are very expensive for municipalities because they typically result in expenses associated with repair costs, flood damage, and loss of revenue to affected nesses. Water main failures also interrupt the operation of vital services, such as medical care and fire-fighting operations. Currently, millions of dollars are spent annually by industry and by municipalities on the repair of failed components of the water distribution infrastructure, such as components that are made from gray cast iron or “gray iron” pipe.

    Water main failures can be avoided by following Matergenics corrosion control program. By using our corrosion control program, areas with low to severe corrosion can be identified and excavated. Matergenics graphitization sensor device can be used to check the potentials on the live water main at the susceptible areas of corrosion. Moreover, the extent of corrosion on the live water main at the susceptible areas of corrosion can be checked. The collected data will aid in decision making whether to continue the water main in service or to cut the corroded pipe section and install a new pipe section.

    Two provisional patent applications for the sensor invention were filed. The first application, entitled “Non-Destructive Testing System for Detecting Graphitization of Iron”, was filed on August 23, 2019 and was assigned U.S. Patent Application No. 62/890,676. The second patent application, also entitled “Non-Destructive Testing System for Detecting Graphitization of Iron”, was filed on May 18, 2020 and was assigned U.S. Patent Application No. 63/026,366.

    Read the Brochure